For the practice of the season of lent I have decided to remove television shows and movies from my daily life.

And then what do we do in my first class on Ash Wednesday?

We watched a movie.


Must I Choose?

Must I choose between liberalism and…well, what other choice is there other than simply Conservative? Fundamentalism? I certainly will not choose fundamentalism. But there is no good term beside conservative. Conservative? Really?  Liberal and conservative are unhelpful categories beyond the stereotypical, as is “orthodox” for I fear it is too heavily burdened a term, if not a little bias.

Science…Cold hard fact…these things are good, and yet science can only go so far. I am in whole-hearted agreement with the use of biblical criticisms, and yet I love the Creeds. Science and reason can only go so far, and then I fear what is left is what a “thinking” world will only find unreasonable. Must I choose? Must I choose between the enchanted and the disenchanted forests? Must they be so starkly contrasted? In my mind I lambast Christians that disregard science and reason, and yet I have personally experienced a Church that prays for and heals the sick. I think people that call themselves “spiritual” haven’t gone far enough, but I see that rationalism goes too far.

There is specificity in the fully man and fully God Jesus Christ, and yet God’s Spirit goes before all people and all thoughts and does invade the farthest reaches of the earth, even unknowingly. God does speak and move outside the Church, outside of the religions of the people of God, and yet there is something special and unique about who Jesus is and what he has done.