America’s Oldest Subway

The rickety and obnoxiously large moving-truck sat in the Penske parking lot as Katie and I walked away. “It’s just a truck,” I thought to myself. But really it wasn’t “just” any truck because it was our last truck – in fact, it was the last personal vehicle that Katie and I will have for some time now. That truck was the last thread tying us to our former lives of blissful, satisfying personal transportation (though, I’m really trying to find a nice, cheap scooter, because that would just be AWESOME! *side note: Larry Crowne was a fantastic movie!)

The backstory is, Katie and I sold both our vehicles in order to fund our move to Boston – a decision we made, knowing Boston’s extensive public transportation system. So instead of the Kia, I’ll be taking America’s oldest subway, the Green-line of the T Subway System, to-and-from BU’s campus everyday. To be more specific, the Tremont Street Subway is the oldest subway tunnel in North America (as confirmed on Wikipedia).

This will be one of the largest adjustments to our lifestyle, but Katie and I are excited for it. I’ve always used my time in the car for deep-thinking or for practicing my vocal range – a perfect place where no one can hear me, only, passersby wonder who and what I’m shouting at. Surely, my singing career will suffer. But for the most part, this will be a positive change. However, this is not the first, nor is it the last, dramatic change in our lives. There is at least one more huge lifestyle change coming into our lives shortly (and no, as much as that makes it sound like we’re pregnant, let me assure you: we’re not). No, what I’m hinting at is that Katie and I will be living with four other masters students beginning September 1st, an intentional community. But more on that in the weeks to come…


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